About this blog

The imaginal world, for me, provides a framework for understanding experiences that just can’t be explained by the version of reality that I was taught as a child. Dreams that seem way too vivid; encounters with ghosts or spirits; moments of intuition so profound that they change your life; psychic events like remote viewing or what’s commonly called ESP: all of these make sense if the imaginal world exists.

And alchemy: the search for a way to turn lead into gold, or a metaphor for the process of psychological development that Jung called individuation. Looked at in this way, the passions and dramas and profoundly painful and joyful events in our lives form the alchemical opus of our psyche.

In these posts I’ll share some of my experiences with imaginal figures—from Brian Kinney (my bad-boy alter ego) to Merlin the Magus to the group of imaginal women who helped me write my dissertation. I’ll share the process of working with my dreams. I’ll share my curiosity, my process, and what knowledge I can bring to this strange work.

Perhaps my journey will resonate with yours. If so, read on. Comments are welcome.

If you feel you’re ready for some personal, guided exploration of your own life journey, drop by The Alchemical Horse and schedule a dreamwork or equine-guided learning session with me.

[Note: if you’re not familiar with the concept of the imaginal world as used by Carl Jung and Henry Corbin, reading the series of posts entitled “Brian Is Real” will be helpful. Please also read my sincere warning here.]

Me and My Boy by Aiming High PhotographyAbout the author: I am a depth psychologist, writer, artist, and student of the horse. Dreams, synchronicities, patterns of events, and experiences in the imaginal world help me find meaning in life’s mysteries, for myself and for my clients. My specialty is equine-guided learning, and my horses are my collaborators and teachers in this, my soul’s work.

Through private sessions and group workshops, I coach people through the sometimes difficult process of psychological development. I have a PhD in Botany from the University of Oklahoma, and a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute

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