Intro and Week One

Setting the Stage: Introducing the Imaginal World

The “Brian Is Real!” series. You can go to these individually or just click on the links at the end of each one to read all four posts.

Brian Is Real! Part One, or, Why I Read the Sufi Mystics

Brian Is Real! Part II, or, Talking With Dead People

Brian! Is It Really You? Or Am I Making It All Up? (Part III)

And my sincere warning: So Brian is real. Now what?

Week One: Searching for Meaning, or, “Life as Research”

Life As Research: This piece is an extended explanation of the why and how of “life as research.” If you read the first few paragraphs of it and your eyes start to bleed, STOP READING and don’t worry about it! You’ll do just fine in the course! But if you’re curious, read on…and then let me know if you’ve got questions.

Carl Jung on Dreams. 3:48; audio and pretty images.

Dr. Murry Stein and Dr. John Hill on the use of dreams in Jungian analysis.  8:51.

Blog posts:

Gnosis and synchronicity

A Shift in Reality