Week Four: Synchronicity, Symbolism, and the Collaborative Universe

There is so much evidence for the relational or collaborative nature of the Universe—we’ll talk about some of that evidence and our experience of it. Synchronicity is one of the commonest forms of this “collaboration.”

Excerpt from Man & His Symbols (Audiobook) by Carl G. Jung on the concept of synchronicity. (3:06)

In this excerpt from his presentation at the “Matter and Psyche” symposium in 2014, Tarnas suggests that synchronicity is an invitation to the mystery of life—an invitation to a relationship with the Universe. Synchronicity can compensate for the one-sided, narrow-minded attitude of the ego toward life (like dreams!). A Jungian perspective on how to use synchronicity in your life. The Unconscious as the anima mundi—the Soul of the World. (7:00)

The full audio of Tarnas’s lecture is here; I recommend it if you have time. (1:10:00)

Locked In“: Synchronicity and/or a communication from my mother….