Week Three: Jung and the Spirit World/Life After Death

Think about what has been your experience of the spirit world. What’s your view of or belief about life after death? Have you had communications from or with those from the spirit world? How have they affected you? Here are some ideas from other depth psychologists.

Remember the pot-luck idea! Everybody bring something to share on Sunday….

First, here’s a brief bit from my dissertation that talks about how Freud, Jung, and Hillman thought about the spirit world. Specifically, this piece considers what these three might think about The Ladies, the imaginal women who accompanied me through the dissertation process.

Life After Death, or Who Are the Ladies?

Second, here are a couple of photos from Memories, Dreams, Reflections, where Jung talks about how his work Septem Sermones ad Mortuos came about. (If you don’t have a copy of this book, you may want to get one. Also, it’s easier to just go look at pages 190 and 191 if you can. Available on Amazon Prime if you’re a member so you can get it quickly.)

Week 3 p 190

Week 3 p 191

Third, here are two more photos, these from pages where Jung speaks about the reality of “parapsychological experiences.”

Week 3 p 304

Week 3 p 305

Finally, here are links to two of my blog pieces that give a couple of examples of how “communication with the dead” can occur in ways that don’t involve dreams or a medium.

My relationship with my father is MUCH better now that he’s passed on! I think he’d agree: A Message From Dad.

This one talks about how The Life Quilt came about. You can take a close look at it, if you want, on Sunday: The Life Quilt.