Is it real, or is it REALLY real?

A friend and I wbright sky for blogere talking the other night about all the insanity (by real-world standards) that’s been going on in the last couple of weeks—this business with my old computer (which, believe it or not, has returned from the dead and is now working!). How on earth, we wondered, can this really be happening?

Even though I know, based on my own experience, that our lives are not random, when synchronistic events like these occur together with such apparently obvious meaning, I still stop and say to myself, “Huh? Are you sure that really just happened?”

My friend and I did stop and question our sanity here, but our experiences matched, so we had not imagined it. It kind of set us back on our heels and made us think. I don’t remember any string of events happening like this before, where it was so difficult NOT to see the meaning. We were both pretty shocked, even though neither of us is a stranger to odd experiences.

Why was this chain of events so shocking?

In the end, it seems that I’ve finally been pushed over the edge of something, past the point of no return: over a precipice of understanding that I didn’t even know was there.

I’ve been aware of the imaginal world, the operation of synchronicity, and the presence of Guides for years now. I pretty much live that way. My present work, and my dissertation research, all depend on the reality of this other world, this other “dimension,” beyond or within our waking reality.

However, when my utter astonishment over this most recent turn of events surfaced, it made me realize something: In all these years that I’ve been working in this way, there’s a part of me it for whom it was all only theoretically true. It was kind of an intellectual exercise, almost. But now, it’s in-my-face true. It’s right-there-in-real-time, in-the-world, concretely true. There’s sort of no getting around the fact of what’s been happening.

Which kind of blows me away.

Here’s what it feels like: Before, I could accept the reality of the Imaginal when I was in the mood, and treat it as intellectually true when I wasn’t in the mood for it to be true in the real world. Kind of like, “Oh, well, that’s not really real.” When I felt like it.

My, my! What a convenient arrangement with reality!

But this experience isn’t one I can brush aside. Nope. I’ve got a fried computer, a blown out cell phone, pain again, and a whole bunch of dreams to go along with it (did I forget to mention the dreams?!)—all of them telling the same, coherent story. This is “inconveniently true,” but true and real nonetheless.

It’s not fun any more! And it’s getting expensive.

I will definitely need to listen harder and take all of this more seriously. Even as I type this, I’m nervous, still looking over my mental shoulder to make sure no one is standing behind me with a two-by-four….

3 thoughts on “Is it real, or is it REALLY real?

  1. kdivasilver says:

    Two words: Mercury retrograde. Add to that Pisces moon (I think that’s what it is) and it’s supposed to be a big time for releasing that which no longer serves you, new beginnings. Sounds like you’re on the path.

  2. Yes, Mercury retrograde certainly adds fuel to the fire, and I’ve got Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini, so I’m especially sensitive to it. I love astrology–it’s a great tool to use as an additional symbol set to help unpack all the information, look at lifetime trends, and that kind of thing. I use it frequently with my clients. It’s especially good for getting a handle on the timing of things–like this one, as you point out.

    My only problem with the use of astrology is that the person using it needs to understand that it is SYMBOLIC, not explanatory or causal–I know you know this, but so many folks don’t. I just want to say that here for the benefit of others who may read this.

  3. Maris says:

    Nice posst thanks for sharing

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