EyeVisited the surgeon yesterday and got a glowing report on the left eye’s progress. Yay!

She did some final tests on the right eye, set for surgery in two weeks. We talked about the new implant and got all the paperwork finished.

In the afternoon I relaxed and watched “Sense and Sensibility” … or rather, slept through it. When I woke up, it was 5:30, and time for some supper.

I picked up my cell phone when I saw the light flashing…and discovered a message from the surgeon: She wanted to talk with me right away. Something to do with the implant; she would try to find a different phone number for me (there is none) and, if she wasn’t able to reach me, I should call her assistant as as soon as possible.

Hmmm…. What could prompt that kind of message? What if something’s wrong? What if they can’t get the right implant? What if they have to call the whole thing off? What if I’ll never be able to see out of that eye? What if….???

And of course, it’s after closing on a Friday evening….

I went from peaceful to panic-stricken in about a tenth of a second. Even at the time, though, I had to laugh at that. Where did all my “trust in the process” go? Everything else has worked out just fine. And heaven knows, there are lots of reasons she might have called — most of which have nothing “bad” about them. My surgeon (thankfully!) is the type who wants every detail nailed down beforehand, and she was leaving for the holidays after work yesterday.

Anyway, I am now back to calm, pretty much. I would love for CALM to become my new default setting, which may actually be happening as we speak. This is just another challenge, another exercise to help me strengthen my new-found trust.

Whatever happens will be for the Highest Good. Yeah, I know all about the “Highest Good“…. But I’m OK with that.

Monday morning will be here soon enough. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my weekend and my lovely new vision!

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